Four Tips for Keeping Your Motorcycle Running This Winter

Four Tips for Keeping Your Motorcycle Running This Winter

Four Tips for Keeping Your Motorcycle Running This Winter

Do you like to ride your motorcycle in the wintertime? In many parts of the country, there are mild days during the winter perfect for taking your motorcycle out to explore the roads. Plus, there are heated jackets for motorcycles that can make the ride all the more pleasant in low temperatures. Checkout four tips for keeping your motorcycle running well this winter.

Store Your Bike Off the Ground

You probably store your motorcycle in a shed or garage throughout the year. In the winter, keep your motorcycle off the ground while in storage. When your motorcycle is suspended on a stand while in storage, there is no weight on your tires that may cause uneven wear or flats. This is a great way to prolong the life of your tires.

Keep Your Battery Charged

The cold temperatures and weather conditions of winter can wear down your motorcycle’s battery. If you have a battery monitor, test your battery frequently to see if it’s running down. Also, keep it charging whenever you’re not using your bike. You want to have your battery ready to go when the warmer weather truly kicks in.

Clean Off Your Bike After a Ride

After riding through snow, slush and even a light mist, your motorcycle’s seat, handlebars and fenders will have moisture on them. Before leaving your motorcycle in the garage, wipe the moisture off your bike with a clean, soft cloth. This prevents rusting and other damage.

Keep it Covered

There are many covers available to fit a variety of motorcycles. Get a cover for your bike that fits it while leaving a little room for air circulation. Even if you keep your motorcycle in a garage, the cover should be waterproof in case any moisture gets inside the structure. A cover also deters mice and other rodents from chewing on the tires or seat of your ride. Plus, a cover can decrease the amount of dust you have to wipe off before you get ready to go for your next ride.

Lastly, be sure to check the weather before going on a ride on your motorcycle in the wintertime. Snowy, slushy roads mixed with cold temperatures increase the risks of an accident. It’s best to wait until the roads are reasonably dry so you can have a pleasant ride.

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