Five Elements of Décor in an Inviting Living Room

Five Elements of Décor in an Inviting Living Room

A living room is a common gathering place of family members in a home or apartment. This room is place where family members watch television, work on the computer, visit with friends and otherwise spend time together. A living room with lots of items of pleasing décor is likely to be a room that’s a special favorite.

Sheer Window Coverings

Sheer window coverings give a living room an airy atmosphere. The sunlight filters through the coverings lending warmth and comfort to the room.

Pastel Walls

Pastel walls in a living room contribute a peaceful tone to the space. The paint color may be pastel green, blue, yellow or even lavender. Any of these soft colors makes a living room the highlight of a home.

A Collection of Unique Lamps

Lamps do a lot more than supply light to a living room. They contribute style to the décor. Instead of getting a set of identical lamps to place throughout the room, find some in different designs. One may have a glass base with a pleated, white shade. Another may have a green ceramic base with a beige shade in a bell style. The different lamps in the room will add a lot of interest to the décor.

An Appealing Area Rug

An area rug is perfect for a living room because it gives family members a soft surface to walk on while not wearing shoes. Plus, modern rugs lend attractive patterns, colors and shapes to a living room. If you decide to go with pastel walls, try matching a color in your area rug with the wall color. Get creative when looking through the selection at a place like Roth Rugs.

Furniture with Unique Details

Adding furniture with unique details to your living room can make it the perfect space for relaxing. A comfortable sofa is more appealing with a gathering of colorful throw pillows or a throw blanket. A simple armchair can take on new life with a slipcover featuring a fun pattern or one that’s made of unique fabric like velvet or brushed cotton. Small details can make all the difference in the appearance of a room.

Lastly, the best thing about your living room décor is you don’t have to change all of it at one time. Change an item of décor here and there to refresh the space.

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