Basic Feng Shui for your Home Office

Basic Feng Shui for your Home Office

Basic Feng Shui For Your Home Office – Make Over

I am not a Feng Shui Expert by any means, however, I have read enough about it to be able to organize my office to use basic Feng Shui in a way as to get the most out of Feng Shui. But what is Feng Shui? Well, there are a lot of different articles out there explaining all the technicalities of Feng Shui, but I will just tell you what it means to me.

To me, Feng Shui is learning how to organize what is around us in order to provide the right combination of  balance and harmony.  That we should look at the way we design, decorate, and arrange our spaces so that the way it is arranged/decorated helps us rather than hinders us.

Feng Shui can be extremely complicated making it seem like it is too overwhelming to even try. However, if you start small, like I did in my Home Office, you can do the basics and build on it later.

So where do you even start? I started with a “bagua map”. The bagua map allows you to evaluate and plan any place in your house, outside your house etc. You can use it on a large basis – like looking at your house and yard, all the way down to your desk itself. For my first step, I used to basic Feng shui to help organize my Home Office.

My Bagua Map


There is just not enough room in this post to explain how I did each area, so I will tell you about a few.


The North Side of my office is the Creativity/Children section. This represents presents your own creativity, your relationship with yourself as a child, as well the children in your life. It also has a dominant Element of Metal.

Some Basic Ideas for this area:

* Display whimsical chimes, playful metal objects

* Display objects that remind you to lighten up

* Display objects made by children

* Supplies for creating things

Well, I am not creative in the sense of arts and crafts and sometimes I take myself a bit too seriously, but on the same hand, when I want to be I am a goofball. I also love my children very much and treasure the special gifts they give me.

This is also the area of the room that when I look up from my desk I see this wall (unless one of my great children are sitting across from me!).

Creativity Are Bagua Map
In Feng Shui, it is suggested that:

*The region directly in front of where you sit at your desk should be clear and free of objects that may disturb your thought patterns.

*If you are facing a wall when you look up, try to make the wall disappear by using a big picture or a mural.

Both of these things are resolved in my situation because when I look directly up, I look up at things that make me happy – pictures of my children, things my children have made, and a funny little metal lizard who is climbing up the wall!


Well, if you would have seen my Knowledge area prior to my office makeover, you would have thought I was very knowledgeable in hoarding or big messes!

The South West area of my office is the Knowledge section. This represents personal growth, whether it be self improvement, learning a new hobby, meditating, anything you are seeking more information on.

Some Basic Ideas for this area:

* Books, Reference Materials

* Affirmations of your goals

* Items that support quiet time

My Knowledge Area

home 020

In my Knowledge Area, I have books that I want to read, including one Reece asked me to read, a decoration that inspires me, and although not shown in the picture, right next to the table is a small couch where I can take the time to think about my life or read the books sitting on the table.

Wealth Prosperity Area

The South East  Side of my office is the Wealth & Prosperity section. This represents prosperity in all aspects of your life – financially, relationships, work, fun experiences, and more.  It should remind you that prosperity comes in more than just the monetary form.  It also has a dominant Element of Wood.

Some Basic Ideas for this area:

* Display items that represent wealth and prosperity to you.

* Display the money you want by making a Million Dollar Bill, writing a check out to yourself

*Frame and hang affirmations or pictures of your goals and dream requests

home 038

home 037
Feng Shui is such an interesting topic, I wish I could go on and on and on, but alas you would get bored and I do not want that!

I will leave you with a list of other Feng Shui Tips for your Home Office Makeover:

Remove clutter

Clearing Clutter can free you up emotionally and mentally – and it helps keep you motivated when you are clutter free!

Position of your desk

Try to keep your desk in a “commanding” position – Face the door, have a view out of a window, and a wall behind you.

Add Plants

Green helps with creativity. Place plants in corners because corners are generally neglected. Plants also act as a filtering system, reducing toxins and circulating stagnant air.


Use as much natural light as possible, reduce fluorescent lighting when possible.


Open the windows and let fresh air in if possible.

Introducing sounds of wind and water will have an effect on tranquility.

Water sounds can be added via a fountain alternatively play a CD with the sounds of rain or flowing water.

There is so much more than be learned about Feng Shui. I have just started down this path and hope that one day my office will be perfected “Feng Shui-ed” out!! However, I am happy with the results so far and can honestly say that after using the Bagua Map to properly Feng Shui my office, I am much happier sitting in here everyday!

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