Wallet vs. Fish – Fish Wins

Wallet vs. Fish – Fish Wins

You know at any kind of county fair you will always see those poor little fishies in plastic bags?

Win a Fish!

Yea, like that is the end of the story. This isn’t my first rodeo you know.

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As we were walking around the fair Saturday Reece kept bugging me to try and win a fish. I had every excuse ready in the book why he couldn’t:

You don’t keep your room clean.

You can’t even remember to feed the dogs, how will you remember to feed the fish.

The dogs will eat it.

And so the excuses kept flying.

Finally, after several hours Mel says, “Here, let me just give him 4 balls. He won’t win one.” “FINE,” I said giving in, “But he better not win.”

But win he did – I knew he would. UGH.

We take the fish home and the only thing we have to put him in is a coffee pot. Fantastic. That’s all I need is someone to cook that coffee pot with a fish in it. So Reece, Betsy and I head to the pet store the next day to get the stupid fish a real home. We pick out some cheap one gallon fish tank.

One of the employees comes over to us and explains some facts to us.

Those goldfish, or similar, you get at the fair can reach up to 12 inches big and they cannot survive in a tank smaller than 10 gallons. Jeez. I think my wallet just got punched.

And that 10 gallon tank needs some gravel/rocks in it. WAPOWRight in my wallets stomach.

And that tank needs a filter so you don’t have to clean it as often. SMACKI think my wallet is bleeding now.

And you have to use purified, boiled, or distilled water – the chlorine in tap water will kill them. (Or purchase water purifier). Seriously. My wallet is trying to escape this death match.

Two more fish, decorations, a fish tank, a filter, and 10 gallons of distilled water later my wallet lost the fight to the fish.

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