Valentine’s Day Gift for the Coffee Lover

Valentine’s Day Gift for the Coffee Lover

I was lucky enough to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the coffee lover in your life. Can we go a day without hearing or saying, “Where’s the coffee?”.


Do you know someone who thinks of coffee, breathes for their coffee, has a relationship with their coffee? Oh, I know plenty of coffee drinkers who are coffee lovers, NOT just coffee drinkers. They have a very special place in their heart for coffee, they have a relationship with their coffee that is unbreakable. Sound like anyone you know? Then check out this perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the coffee lover, or should I say check out these gifts?

Elle Bell, owner of Elle Bell Cafe, has created delightful gifts for the coffee lover, as well as written the book, Cafe Passion, a Java Romance.

Coffee Lovers Gift

Cafe Passion, A Java Romance “…is actually a love manuscript. An incredible, against-the-odds love story of the two most unsuspecting lovers – my coffee and me.” Filled with quotes, thoughts, moments between a person and their coffee, Cafe Passion, A Java Romance, is the perfect blending of humor, honesty, and the moments you share with your cup of coffee.

Like no other  book I have ever seen, Cafe Passion, A Java Romance, is the type of book you would pick up while drinking your coffee in the morning, or pick it up in the afternoon after a long day of work and maybe you will see the moment Elle Bell realizes she has learned an important lesson:

“Just as every wise man passes down to his son to never pee into the wind, this exact same concept becomes absolute wisdom when dumping a full travel mug of old coffee from a moving vehicle. Just don’t do it. Trust me.”

Cafe Passion, A Java Romance

Cafe Passion is a coffee table book deliciously composed as excerpts from a coffee addict’s diary. Any coffee lovers coffee table would be complete showing off this diverse, creative collection of positive, fun and romantic thoughts. It is a dedicated and timeless tribute to coffee love, and is perfect as a gift for any fun-loving coffee aficionado!

perfect gift for coffee lover, Cafe Passion coffee lover book

Photo from Elle Bell Cafe on Etsy

I loved being able to pick up the book Cafe Passion, A Java Romance and just read it. Flip to a page and read, it was very cathartic during a time in my life where I was going through some difficult issues. Elle Bell’s passion for writing is not just in her book, but also on her website, Elle Belle Cafe. As I read every page of her website, I was given the distinct impression, Elle is kind, an old soul whose prose touches you in a way you would never think a book about a love for coffee would. I absolutely believe that wherever Elle happens to be, she brings peace to those around her. But, I digress. Let’s get back to the Perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the coffee lover shall we?

However, coffee lovers don’t just LOVE reading about coffee, they love coffee too right? So how can there only be ONE perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the coffee lover? Let’s check out some of the other products Elle Bell Cafe has to offer shall we?

Valentine’s Day Gift Basket for the Coffee Lover

valentines day gift for coffee lover, gift for coffee lover

Photo from Elle Bell Cafe on Etsy

Are you looking for that super special, Valentines Day Gift for the coffee lovers in your life? Our coffee lovers gift baskets are the perfect answer! This unique and personal gift says volumes about how much you care!

– One 1/2 lb of Luxurious Organic Coffee packed in a compostable bag.
– One “Cafe Passion” mug that will make anyone hot for coffee!
– One hand-written and stamped natural muslin bag with a tealight candle.
Holding these items together, is a hand-woven wood chip and twine accented willow tray with cloth cover. Later, this strong gift basket can display fruit on a table or be used to place decorative accents in to add warmth to home décor.

I was lucky enough to try the Organic Coffee, but wouldn’t you know, my husband took what I didn’t use after two days and brought it to his work! Thievery in my own house! But to tell you how much my husband and his co-workers loved it, they asked me for more. Um, no, you took it all!  And isn’t the mug ADORABLE?! Again, I was using it until my husband pilfered it from me to use at work.

coffee lovers coffee

Salted Caramel Coffee Scented Soy Wood Wick Candle

coffee lover gift, gift for coffee lovers

Photo from Elle Bell Cafe on Etsy

Heavily scented, this salted caramel coffee candle will make you really think there is a big pot of freshly brewed coffee waiting for you! Imagine a perfect cup of smooth, rich coffee with a spoonful of golden, old-fashioned caramel slowly dripped into the steamy, eagerly awaiting cup. From the first sniff to the last, it puts a smile of pure pleasure on anyone who loves the smell of fresh coffee!

I also had the chance to try the Salted Caramel Coffee candle – HOLY COW! It smelled delicious….I loved the way it looked and smelled. If I am going to burn a candle, I want to be able to smell it and this one left a scent of coffee/caramel wafting through my house. Unfortunately, the scent wafted up to my son’s room. He decided he wanted this candle and the next day I found it in his bathroom. What, do I live with a bunch of pirates?

coffee lovers candle

I think Elle Belle Cafe has the picture Valentine’s Day gift for the coffee lover in your house. You should check out the Elle Belle Cafe on Etsy for lots of other coffee lover gifts.

Elle Bell on Twitter

Elle Bell on Facebook

I hope one day I will be able to meet Elle Bell, because if she is even a quarter of the peaceful, heartwarming person her products represent, then I will be one lucky person to have been able to say, I met Elle Bell.

*I was given products to support my review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are my own.

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