Ditch Your Old Work Out Clothes and Join the Zumba PARTY!

Ditch Your Old Work Out Clothes and Join the Zumba PARTY!

I will admit, when I work out, I am one of those people looking like they tossed on their oldest t-shirt and ratty shorts or work out pants. However, I think that might just change! I was sent a t-shirt from the spring/summer collection from  ZUMBA that features galactic prints, cropped silhouettes and asymmetrical cuts designed using licensed ZUMBA  instructors as its models to represent the brand’s diverse and expressive community.

Before I was even sent anything, I checked out their clothing online here at zumba.com/shop. I knew I would like just about anything they sent me. The clothing has the three most important “F’s”:




Zumba wear offers everything you need for your workout, tops, tank tops, crop tops, leggings, capris, cargo pants, skorts, shoes and more.

Check it out!

     zumba clotjing1

Check out the Wham Bam Shirt! L.O.V.E. this shirt!

zumba clothing 2

Hmmm..I am seeing a trend here…Why, yes, I do like the color purple. But I also love the Astral Baseball  shirt!

Zumba Clothing 3This tank would look awesome under the Astral tee or the Wham Bam shirt!

Zumba CLothing 4Love. Love. Love these pants. I would definitely work out in them AND hang out in them!

And then, check me out in my Zumba wear! I love this t-shirt. I love the power behind the message so I definitely will not only wear this shirt to work out in, but also just to hang out in!

zumba clothes

ZUMBA Fitness, the workout that has helped melt the pounds and inches off 12 million fitness enthusiasts, has an exciting new spring/summer collection that transitions easily from sweating it out in the gym to strolling the streets thanks to the vibrant colors and exciting silhouettes that have become a signature of the brand.

Dubbed the “Universe” collection, the pieces combine the vibrancy of the workout which it mirrors with light weight materials and free flowing designs to keep you moving through any warm weather routine.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the new collection from Zumba!

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