Did That Dragon Fly Laugh At Me?

Did That Dragon Fly Laugh At Me?

I wonder how long he was watching me. Did he see me put my hair in a hat? Or tuck my pants in my socks? Hmmmm…

I decided to mow the lawn. We have a riding lawn mower, so it’s not so bad, except the grass is long – like long as in you can’t see Maggie’s legs when she runs. Long as in it’s possible the brothers and sisters of the snake I saw last week could be hiding in it.

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I am just not an outdoor “Bugs, snakes, and bees are OK” kind of a girl so mowing the lawn is kind of misery for me.

“What bug is going to land on me?”

Thus the hat.

“Will bugs crawl up my pants?”

Thus tucking my pants into my socks.

“Will I accidentally run over a hornets nest and get stung a bunch of times?”

Thus..well there is no preparing for that.

Have you see how I react to bugs or the possibility of snakes?

Let’s just say there is a lot of jumping and “yelping” going on.

But I push through and start mowing…looking quite attractive with feet off the mower, hat on head, and pants tucked into socks. Seriously – Quite Attractive – not.

I go around the yard once…cool – I am 1/30 of the way done. I see black clouds in the distance and pray to the weather clouds..”Come on! Save me from doing this!” As I round the south side of the yard, there he is. Smug in his shiny wings and beady eyes and that long body of his. Flying back in forth in front of me. Mocking me with his flittering wings…That Dragon Fly.

Oh yes, I had a Dragon Fly taunting me. Was he watching while I put on my ridiculous mowing outfit? Was he laughing with his Dragon Fly friends at the misery he was about to cause me?

Every time I drove that mower south in the yard..there he was, swooping down, nearly hitting me several times. Was he getting a kick out of watching me trying to get away from him turning my beautiful straight lines in the yard into what someone might think were mysterious crop circles?

Did he laugh out loud when I jumped off the mower when I thought he was going to land on me? Therefore rendering the mower dead…oh yes…it died. In the middle of the crop circles I was creating.

As I pushed the mower towards the garage, the weather clouds I had prayed to finally answered….soaking me in rain…as I pushed and pushed that mower to the garage.

When I turned to look for that Dragon Fly, ready to pound my fist in the air at him, I didn’t see him…but I could have sworn I heard the sound of laughter coming from the trees.

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