6 Tips for Winter Gardening in Charlotte

6 Tips for Winter Gardening in Charlotte

Check out these 6 Tips for Winter Gardening in Charlotte. Actually, these winter gardening tips are good for anyone living in the 7B or Middle South zone.

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• Add mulch. Laying two inches of organic mulch on top of the flower bed after planting helps the ground stay moist, adds protection against cold and weeds, and will help keep root temperatures stable.

• Water in advance of a predicted freeze to help plants take up moisture before the ground is frozen.

• Bring in houseplants.

• Prune your shrubs and trees, paying close attention to crossed or dead branches.

• Fertilize. This is a time for garden plants to go dormant and rest.

• Don’t forget to plant spring-blooming bulbs by the end of December! The soil temperature at this time of year is ideal for allowing the bulbs to develop a strong root structure through the winter.

*This article was contributed by Danielle Nicholson, owner of Kentuckiana Chic.

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